Ocean Freight Rates from our Shipping Warehouse in USA to Africa

We also have special rates to Uganda, Malawi, Kenya, and other destinations throughout the African continent.

Please Note: Shipping rates are subject to change without notice. Please call us for current rates.
Office: (781) 891- 4035  |  Cell (781) 844 – 3014 | Email: nilecargo@msn.com

  • We offer both Full Container Loads (FCL) and Less than Container Loads (LCL)
  • You do not have to fill an Ocean Container (FCL) in order to ship your personal effects or goods to Africa
  • Less than Container Load (LCL) service may meet your needs. With  LCL service,  you can ship 1 cubic meter or more at a low rate
  • LCL is the least expensive method of transporting cargo to most African countries and other parts of the world primarily because weight does not matter.
  • All International Shipments are subject to Export Documentation Fee of $25.00
  • Picking up shipment from your residence or business in any major city in the USA to our Shipping Terminal costs 70 cents per pound, or $80 minimum.
  • If you drop off your shipment to our Agent nearest to you, it will cost you 40 cents per pound to transfer to our Shipping Terminal.
  • For larger shipments, book a 20 foot or 40 foot Sea Container.

Below are the Ocean Freight Rates per cubic meter from our shipping warehouses in the USA to different destinations in Africa. We ship personal effects, commercial products, household goods, and cars.

1 cubic meter (cbm) = 35 cubic feet (cbft)

Destination:Country & CityCost per cubic meter: 
1 cubic meter    3 cubic meters
or more cost   or  more cost
Algeria, Algiers$400. \ cbm$350. \ cbm
Angola, Luanda$800. \ cbm$700. \ cbm
Benin, Cotonou$600. \ cbm$550. \ cbm
Botswana, Gaborone$700. \ cbm$600. \ cbm
Cameroon, Douala$450. \ cbm$400. \ cbm
Congo, Kinshasa$950. \ cbm$850. \ cbm
Cote d’Ivoire, Abidjan$550. \ cbm$500. \ cbm
Djibouti$500. \ cbm$450. \ cbm
Egypt, Alexandria$350. \ cbm$300. \ cbm
Egypt, Cairo$450. \ cbm$400. \ cbm
Ethiopia, Addis Ababa$1,000. \ cbm$950. \ cbm
Ghana, Accra$775. \ cbm$700. \ cbm
Ghana, Tema$550. \ cbm$475. \ cbm
Guinea, Conakry$425. \ cbm$375. \ cbm
Kenya, Eldoret$550. \ cbm$500. \ cbm
Kenya, Kisumu$600. \ cbm$500. \ cbm
Kenya, Mombasa*Kenya Special*
Kenya, Nairobi*Kenya Special*
Liberia, Monrovia$550. \ cbm$500. \ cbm
Malawi, Blantyre*Malawi Special*
Malawi, Lilongwe*Malawi Special*
Morocco, Casablanca$400. \ cbm$350. \ cbm
Nigeria, Lagos$500. \ cbm$450. \ cbm
Nigeria, Port Harcourt$625. \ cbm$600. \ cbm
Rwanda, Kigali$650. \ cbm$600. \ cbm
Senegal, Dakar$425. \ cbm$375. \ cbm
Seirra Leone, Freetown$450. \ cbm$400. \ cbm
South Africa, Cape Town$400. \ cbm$350. \ cbm
South Africa, Johannesburg$450. \ cbm$400. \ cbm
South Africa, Durban$400. \ cbm$350. \ cbm
South Africa, Port Elizabeth$400. \ cbm$350. \ cbm
South Sudan, Juba  Click about South Sudan$800. \ cbm$700. \ cbm
Tanzania, Dar es Salam$450. \ cbm$400. \ cbm
Tunisia, Tunis$400. \ cbm$350. \ cbm
Uganda, Kampala*Uganda Special*
Zambia, Lusaka$750. \ cbm$700. \ cbm
Zimbabwe, Harare$800. \ cbm$750. \ cbm