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A Guide for charitable organizations to send products from The United States to Africa

Nile Cargo Carrier has over 20 years of expertise in international shipping.  Let us guide your charitable organization on how to send products from The United States to Africa.

Africa is a big, beautiful and diverse continent that was home to the first human beings.  The continent is full of major metropolitan areas, massive deserts and wondrous jungles that display the true potential of life on Earth.

However, the continent is also ridden with social conflict, natural disaster, disease and war that make up most of the international headlines for Africa. 

african charity

Thankfully, there are thousands of charitable organizations in The United States and around the world  that help to address the root causes of struggles in Africa.

Over our decades in Business, Nile Cargo Carrier has proudly served many private, public and religious charitable organizations with our international shipping expertise.

We support these organizations by providing reliable and affordable shipping services from The United States to Africa. 

What type of charitable organizations send shipments from The U.S. to Africa?

Religious charitiesTouching Africa Ministries

Non-profit organizationsHabitat for Humanity

Educational OrganizationsBuild A School Africa

Private charities – Africare  

NGOsNGO Forum Uganda 

There are many reputable charities that 

provide relief to African nations. While they all have different goals and challenges, the need for essential products is a key element to success.  Check out AfricaGuide for an extensive list of charities operating in Africa. 

What types of items do charities ship from The United States to Africa?

We are able to send almost any item from The U.S. to Africa.  Most often, items such as; books, clothes, mosquito nets, tents, medical supplies, drilling/well equipment, generators, water, car

s, electronics, school supplies and personal hygiene products are sent overseas for charitable causes. Items can be second hand or bought online and shipped brand new.

Nile Cargo Carrier ships items of all sizes and offers great rates from The United States East Africa for small parcels up to full sized container shipments.  Don’t forget, we also provide shipping services to volunteers and expats moving to Africa from The United States.

Where do we ship?

While we do have the logistical ability to ship all over Africa, our office hub in Kampala makes service to East Af

rican nations such as Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya, Malawi the most efficient and accessible.

How can your organization send goods from The United States to Africa?

  1. Request a quote on our site to get accurate pricing and information for your shipment. We have the most affordable rates on the market!
  2. Have all items sent to our U.S. warehouse
  3. We pack and ship all of your items neatly and securely, no matter the size.
  4. We will walk you through the necessary paperwork and easy payment process.
  5. You will be provided with a unique tracking number for your shipment
  6. Receive your items at our warehouse in Kampala, Uganda or at your final destination in Africa.

Thank you!

Thank you for considering Nile Cargo Carrier as your trusted shipping partner for service from The United States to Africa! We look forward to servicing you.  Please visit our website and contact us for more information.