Shipping to Ghana from USA

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We  ship Air Cargo from the USA to Accra, Ghana every 2 weeks:

With our Air Cargo consolidation services to Ghana, our customers can even ship small packages.

The minimum chargeable weight by Air Cargo to Accra is 20 Lbs (9 Kgs) and the cost is $200.00

Shipping Air Cargo from USA to Ghana

Below are our Air cargo rates from our shipping warehouse in Boston, Massachusetts to Accra Ghana (Customs clearing fees not included):

**20 Lbs cost $200.00 flat fee**
**9 kgs cost $200.00 flat fee**

21 Lbs to 30 Lbs cost $9.00 per Lb
11 kgs to14 kgs cost $20.00 per kg

31 Lbs to 40 Lbs cost $8.00. per Lb.
15 kgs to 18 kgs cost $17.50 per Kg

41 Lbs to 50 Lbs cost $7.00 per Lb
19 kgs to 23 kgs cost $15.50 per Kg

51 Lbs to 70 Lbs cost $6.50 per Lb
24 kgs to 32 kgs cost $14.50 per Kg

71 Lbs to 99 Lbs cost $6.00 per Lb
33 kgs to 44 kgs cost $13.50 per Kg

100 Lbs to 175 Lbs cost $5.50 per Lb
45 kgs to 80 kgs cost $12.50 per Kg

176 Lbs to 350 Lbs cost $5.00 per Lb
81 kgs to 160 kgs cost $11.00 per Kg

*Cell Phones ship for flat rates of $50.00 via Air Cargo*
*Laptops ship for a flat fee of $150.00 via Air Cargo*
*TV’s shipping rates are based on the size of the TV*

Important shipping information you  must know:

  1. Air freight rates are based on actual weight or dimensional weight whichever is greater.
  2. Customs clearing fees:  The customs clearing fees are not included in the air cargo rates and Ocean freight rates, however our Ghana office offer Customs Clearing services and Door delivery anywhere in Ghana. The Customs clearing fees or import taxes in Ghana are charged based on the type of an item imported, its value and the quantity. Some items pay more import taxes than others.
  3. There is a $20.00 fee for Airway Bill for Air shipments weighing 51 Lbs (24 Kgs) and more. (It’s a flat fee per shipment).
  4. All small packages weighing less than 50 Lbs (23 Kgs) must be shipped directly to our warehouse address below in your Names care of Nile Cargo.
  5. We offer Pickup services from Residential and Commercial places in most major cities of the USA.
  6. We have many receiving Agents and drop-off locations across the USA.
  7. All shipments must be well packed in Heavy-duty Boxes, Crates, and Heavy-duty plastic containers.
  8. We have the right to repack your items for a fee if it is not well-packed for a long journey.
  9. Air freight rates are subject to change without prior notice.

We ship from the following cities in the USA to Ghana

Atlanta, Albuquerque, Austin, Baltimore, Birmingham,  Boston, Brookline, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Des Moines, Detroit, Eugene, Grand Rapids, Jacksonville, Hartford, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Lexington, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Nashville, Newark, New York, New Orleans, Norfolk, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh, Richmond, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Seattle, St. Louis, South Bend, Tacoma, Tampa, Tulsa, Tucson, Winston Salem, Washington, DC and many more.

Online Shopping in the USA to Ghana 

Buy your Genuine items from USA online retailers and receive them in Ghana. 

ship laptops to Ghana with Nile Cargo

We help our customers in Ghana buy items online in the USA in case they have problems with their Credit Cards.

Nile Cargo makes Online shopping in the USA easy for online buyers in Ghana or other locations outside of the USA.

American Genuine Goods can be easily purchased online from American best online Stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, BestBuy, Bath & Body Works, Target, Victoria Secret, etc. while you are in Ghana and you can receive your items in Accra within 2 to 3 weeks via Air Cargo.

When you purchase items from different online websites, we will consolidate and ship them when you are ready.

Buy iPhones from USA and ship to Ghana

Our U.S. warehouse address below is available for your shipping or importing services purposes only.

You are in Ghana, and you do not have a credit card to buy your items online, we can help you, contact us.

After buying your items online, please instruct your sellers to ship them directly to our warehouse address below in your name care of Nile Cargo:

Important shipping information from USA to Ghana

shipping Amazon and eBay products to AFrica

If our customer fills a detailed Packing List containing 3 Forms from our web site, (Shipping Forms)and submit it online or email us a detailed packing list, we will be able be to give him or her a good estimate of the customs fees expected to be paid for his or her shipment.

Our customers in U.S. can also pay their customs clearing fees along with their shipping fees here in U.S. after we have received a detailed packing list.

Transit time: We cannot guarantee on time arrivals, (ETA) mainly because of Weather, Security, Covid19 Pandemic, lack of cargo space on the Cargo Airlines, Airport delays or other However, be assured we will make every effort to have it there on time and in good shape.

Door Delivery: Our Accra Office offers door deliveries anywhere in Ghana for a small delivery fee.