Discount Shipping from the USA to Uganda

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Some of the items we ship to Uganda include: Cell phones, Computers, iPads, Printers, Personal items, Flat Screen TVs, Household Goods, Refrigerators, Cookers, Floor Files, Furniture, Solar Panels, Beauty Products, Washing Machines & Dryers, Generators, Medical Equipment, Music Equipment , Vehicles, Construction Equipment, Farm Tractors, Auto Parts, Tractor Parts, Truck Parts and much more.


Cargo Services:

  • Pick-up services are available in most major cities of the USA for cargo weighing 50 pounds or more.>
  • We have over 80 Drop-off Locations across the USA for shipment weighing 50 pounds or more.
  • We ship Air cargo weekly to Entebbe.

Air Cargo rates in pounds (Lbs) from major USA cities to Uganda:

  • 50 Lbs or more cost $4.00 per Lb.
  • 100 Lbs or more cost $3.75 per Lb.
  • 220 Lbs or more cost $3.50 per Lb.

***There is $20.00 charge for Airway Bill (it’s a one time fee)***
**Air Freight transit is about 7 to 14 days on Cargo Airline.**
******Note: 1 Kg = 2.2 Lbs (pounds) or 1 Lb = 0.45 kg ******

We also ship Small Packages by Air Cargo to Uganda

  • From 5 pounds to 30 pounds cost $5.00 per pound
  • Minimum Air Cargo charge is $30.00

**Air Freight transit is 7 to 14 days on Cargo Airline.**

For Small Packages or items purchased on online have be shipped directly to our USA warehouse address. Please contact us for more details.

Shopping Online in the USA:

Nile Cargo makes shopping in the USA easy for customers in Uganda and other locations outside of the USA. American goods can be purchased online from your laptop or Smartphone while you’re in Uganda; you will receive your items in Kampala within 10 to 15 days via Air Cargo. When you purchase items from different websites, we will consolidate and ship when you’re ready.

If you are in Uganda and do not have access to a credit card, we can help.

***Our U.S. warehouse address is available for shipping purposes only ***

cargo shipping

Sea Shipping (Less than container Load)

  • Sea Freight cost  $15.00 per cubic foot or $500.00 per cubic meter from our shipping Terminal in Boston to Kampala, Uganda.
  • We ship a consolidated ocean Container from the USA to Uganda once per month.
  • You can ship 1 box or 1 suitcase to 20 boxes in our consolidated container to Kampala.
  • Ground transportation out of the state to our warehouse in the state of Massachusetts cost 50 cents ($ 0.50) per pound or more depending on the weight and distance.
  • Sea Freight transit time from the USA to Kampala is approximately two and half months to three months.

Below is our Sea Freight price guideline for standard Household items from our shipping Terminal in Boston, Massachusetts to Kampala, Uganda. We strongly recommend the specify Boxes in chart below because there are heavy duty or doubled wall boxes. The boxes can be found at your local U-Haul Stores, Home Depot & Lowe’s across the U.S. All measurements are in inches ( ” ) .

U-Haul double wall Box Sizes Weight limit Cost per piece
Dish Barrel Box: 18x18x28 (5.50 cbft) 90 Lbs $85.00
Medium Electronics Box: 24x24x20 ( 7 cbft ) 120 Lbs $100.00
Large Electronics Box : 24.5×24.5×27.5
( 10 cbft )
140 Lbs $150.00
Short Wardrobe box: 24x20x34 ( 10 cbft ) 150 Lbs $150.00
Wardrobe Box: 24x20x48 (14 cbft) 200 Lbs $200.00
Book Box: (13x13x16) ( 2 cbft ) 60 Lbs $25.00
Book Box: (12x12x12) ( 1 cbft ) 40 Lbs $15.00
Home Depot & Lowe’s Heavy Duty Boxes Weight limit Cost per piece
Large Box: 24x18x18 (5 cbft) 80 Lbs $70.00
Medium Box: 18x18x16 (3.50 cbft) 60 Lbs $50.00
Book Box: (13x13x16) ( 2 cbft ) 60 Lbs $25.00
Book Box (12x12x12) (1 cbft) 40 Lbs $15.00
Barrels & Lugagges Weight limit Cost per piece
77 gallons Barrel or Drum (14 cbft) 220 Lbs $200.00
55 gallon Barrel or Drum (10 cbft) 220 Lbs $175.00
Large Suitcase (6 cbft) 90 Lbs $90.00
Medium Suitcase (5 cbft) 70 Lbs $70.00
Home Electronics & Appliances Weight limit Cost per piece
Cooker \ Stove $250.00
Washing Machine $250.00
Refrigerator (with a Top Freezer) $350.00
Refrigerator (Side by side or Double Door ) $400.00 +
Freezer (depending on the size) $180.00 +
Generator (depending on the size) $120.00 +
Flat Screen TVs: from 60″ TV to 65” TV $200.00
Flat Screen TVs: from 48″ TV to 55” TV $150.00
Flat Screen TVs: from 32″ TV to 43″ TV $70.00 to $100.00
Home Furniture Cost per piece
Queen Mattress with Box spring $300.00
King Mattress with Box Spring $400.00
Sofa Set (3 pcs) & Sectional Sofas (Depending on the size) $900.00 to $1,200.00
Dinning Table with 6 Chairs $400.00
Bedroom Furniture (Depends on the size & the pcs)

******For quotes on Full Container, 20 feet ocean container and 40 feet, please provide us with city, State and the Zip code of the place you’re planning to load the container from.*******


Import Taxes & local Handling fees in Uganda

Local Taxes and handling charges are not included in our shipping rates. The Taxes in Uganda are levied based on the value of the commodity and quantity of items shipped. Some items pay less than others. Our office in Kampala will clear the Cargo from the Customs and the Receiver is responsible to pay the Import Taxes and Handling fees before cargo is release.

US Office
Nile Cargo Carrier, Inc.
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Uganda Office
Nile Cargo Uganda, Ltd.
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Plot 17 Hoima Rd, Bakuli,
Kampala, Uganda
Marion Kisakye,  Mob: +256-700-389-155
Jimmy Kyeyune, Mob: +256-772-911-708

*******Scammers and credit card fraud will be prosecuted *********