How to ship containers to Kenya from the USA

Shipping containers and barrels from the USA to Kenya would have been hectic without Nile Cargo Carrier. We have shortened the whole process such that you are not overwhelmed whenever you want to ship cargo from the USA to Kenya, in Africa.

At Nile Cargo Carrier, shipping rates shouldn’t break the bank. Our competitive shipping rates and transparent fee structure ensure you get the best value for your money—no hidden costs, no surprises – just reliable and affordable shipping solutions.

So, if you want to ship your containers from the USA to Kenya, here is a simple structured guide to complete your shipping placement.

4 steps to ship containers to Kenya from the USA

1. Prepare the cargo to be shipped to Kenya.

The first step is identifying the cargo you want to ship to Kenya. We ship from different states and cities in the UAS. So, you need to know exactly the state or city where your containers or cargo are placed.

2. Request a Quote for shipping your containers to Kenya

Please request a quote on our site to get accurate pricing and information for your shipment. We have the most affordable rates on the market! All you need to know is the size or weight of your cargo, and all the calculations will be done from our website.

3. Send cargo to our Warehouse

Once a quote has been processed, you will b aware of the total cost of shipping your cargo or containers from the USA to Kenya. The next crucial step is moving your shipment from the pickup point to our warehouse in the USA.

In case you cannot move the cargo to our warehouse on your own, our cargo carrier team can also assist in picking it up at an additional cost. We will help to walk you through all the necessary shipping documentation or paperwork before your containers start their journey from the USA to Kenya.

4. Packing and Shipping your containers to Kenya

After all your cargo has reached our warehouse in the USA and all the shipping paperwork is done, we will pack and ship all your items neatly and securely, no matter the size. You can receive your cargo from our warehouse in Kenya or your final destination as indicated.


When shipping your valuable cargo from the USA to any country in Africa, you need a shipping company that you can trust. At Nile Cargo Carrier, we offer a seamless and stress-free shipping experience, connecting you to the world with our reliable and efficient services.

Your cargo is in safe hands with our global reach, personalized solutions, and expert support. Contact us today to discuss your shipping needs, and let us create a tailor-made solution that fits your requirements perfectly.