Air Cargo rates from the USA to different countries of Africa

Below are Air freight rates from the USA to different African Countries

Air freight rates are based on actual weight (on scale) or dimensional weight whichever is greater. Local Customs Clearing fees or import taxes are not included in the air freight rates below. Rates may change without prior notice, please contact us for the current rates.

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Destination Countries and CitiesRates from 25 Lbs or moreRates from 100 Lbs or moreRates from 220 Lbs or more
Algeria, AlgiersRequest a quote$6.50 / Lb $5.50 / Lb
Angola, LuandaRequest a quote$ 8.50 / Lb$6.50 / Lb
Botswana, GaboroneRequest a quote$ 9.00 / Lb$7.50 / Lb
Burundi, BujumburaRequest a quote$ 7.50 / Lb$5.50 / Lb
Burkina Faso, OuagadougouRequest a quote$ 8.50 / Lb$6.00 / Lb
Cameroon, YaoundeRequest a quote$ 9.00 / Lb$7.50 / Lb
Cameroon, DoualaRequest a quote$9.50 / Lb$7.50 / Lb
Chad, NdjamenaRequest a quoteRequest a quote$7.50 / Lb
Congo (DRC) KinshasaRequest a quote$6.50 / Lb$5.50 / Lb
Congo (DRC) KisanganiRequest a quote$8.50 / Lb$7.50 / Lb
Congo (DRC) LubumbashiRequest a quote $8.50 / Lb$7.50 / Lb
Cote d'Ivoire, AbidjanRequest a quote$7.50 / Lbs$6.50 / Lb
Egypt, CairoRequest a quote$6.50 / Lb $5.00 / Lb
Ethiopia, Addis AbabaRequest a quote$ 8.00 / Lb$7.00 / Lb
Ghana, AccraRequest a quote$7.50 / Lb$6.00 / Lb.
Guinea, ConakryRequest a quote$7.50 / Lb$6.00 / Lb
Kenya, NairobiClick hereClick hereClick here
Kenya, KisumuClick hereClick hereClick here
Kenya, MombasaClick hereClick hereClick here
Liberia, MonroviaRequest a quote$8.50 / Lb$6.50 / Lb
Malawi, BlantryeClick hereClick hereClick here
Malawi, LilongweClick hereClick hereClick here
Mali, BamakoRequest a quoteRequest a quote$7.50 / Lbs
Moroco, CasablancaRequest a quote$6.00 / Lb$5.00 / Lb
Mozambique, MaputoRequest a quote$6.50 / Lb$5.50 / Lbs
Nambia, WindhoekRequest a quote$8.00 / Lb$5.50 / Lb
Nigeria, LagosRequest a quoteRequest a quoteRequest a quote
Rwanda, KigaliRequest a quote$7.00 / Lb$5.50 / Lb
Senegal, DakarRequest a quote$7.50 / Lb$6.50 / Lb
Seirra Leone, FreetownRequest a quote$6.50 / Lb$5.50 / Lb
Somalia, MogadishuRequest a quote$6.50 / Lb $5.50 / Lb
South Africa, JohannesburgRequest a quote$5.50 / Lb$4.00 / Lb
South Africa, Cape TownRequest a quote$5.50 / Lb$ 4.50 / Lb
South Sudan, JubaRequest a quote$7.00 / Lb$ 5.50 / Lb
Sudan (North), KhartoumRequest a quote$7.50 / Lb$6.00 / Lb
Tanzania, Dar es SalaamRequest a quote$6.50 / Lb$5.00 / Lb
Tanzania, Kilimanjaro / ArushaRequest a quote$7.50 / Lb$ 5.50 / Lb
Uganda, KampalaClick hereClick hereClick here
Zambia, LusakaRequest a quote$8.00 / Lb$6.50 / Lb
Zimbabwe, HarareRequest a quote$6.50 / Lb$6.50 / Lb

There is a $20.00 charge (flat fee) for Airway bill, if it’s a tran-shipment, Airway Bill charge is $40.00 (Flat fee)

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Rates are subject to change based on changes in taxes, demand, government regulation and other factors.

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