Here are suggested packing tips if you are planning to ship personal effects and household good as loose cargo via Air Cargo or Ocean Freight.

Packing Boxes

  • We suggest that you pack your Household items like clothing, bedding, dishes, computers, home electronics in double-walled boxes or Heavy duty boxes
  • Double walled boxes or Heavy duty boxes  are stronger and are designed to safely store heavy duty items.
  • You can purchase double-walled boxes from your local U-haul Store; Lowes or Home Depot.
  • Each Store has different size of the boxes but U-Haul has size they have different sizes.
  • Books MUST be packed in book boxes unless you have just a few boxes

U-Haul  Double-Wall Boxes
Wardrobe Box:  24 x 21 x 48    has  14 cbft
Short Wardrobe Box:  24 x 20 x 34   has  10 cbft
Large Electronic Box:  24.5 x 24.5 x 27.5   has  10 cbft
Medium Electronic  Box:  24 x 24 x 20   has 7 cbft
Dish Barrel Box:  18 x 18 x 28    6 cbft
Book Boxes:  13 x 13 x 17   has  2cbft

Lowes Heavy Duty Boxes
Book Boxes:  16x12x12  has  2 cbft
Medium Box:  18x18x16   has 3.5 cbft
Large Box:  24 x 18 x 18  has 5 cbft

Home Depot Heavy Duty Boxes
Medium Box:  18x18x16  has  3.5 cbft
Heavy Duty Large Box:  18x18x24  has  5 cbft
Book Box:  16x12x12   has  2 cbft
Heavy Duty Extra Large Box: 22x22x22 has 6.5 cbft
Heavy Duty Tall Wardrobe Box: 24x24x45 has 15 cbft


Shipping Barrels and Drums

These are heavy duty plastic containers which can carry any type of cargo. A 55 gallon Barrel or Drum can easily accommodate up to 250 pounds and it has 14 cubic feet.

drums_web       drums2_web


  • Do not ship half-full boxes or leave empty space in the box.
  • In shipping business, one box is frequently stacked upon another.
  • Empty spaces in the box can sometimes allow the content to move freely causing damage to the items and package. You also run a risk of a heavier box crushing the half-filled box.
  • When shipping fragile items, always pack items tight to avoid shifting, and make sure you pad & cushion the items with clothing, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts.
  • Make sure all sides of the box are tightly taped. You can put tape all around the box but don’t cover your name and address with the tape.
    Books are heavy; we suggest that you utilize book boxes.
  • Packing items in suitcases is common, however sometimes luggage will break during long transit.
  • If you utilize luggage for your items, make sure they are strong and of high-quality.
  • Furniture requires special handling and can only be shipped using specialized carrier service, which can be expensive.
  • Unless you are shipping furniture in your own Ocean container, we can only ship furniture when it’s packed in wooden crates or packed by professionals.


  • Medical equipment, Large copier machines, Big Flat Screen TVs and other fragile Equipment needs to be shipped in wooden crates.
  • Labeling plays an important role in shipping and is part of the shipper’s responsibility.
  • Label Boldly and Clearly sender names and the Consignee’s full address and phone number on the top of the box and on the two opposite sides of the box.
  • Shipment pick-up from your residence or business in any major city in the USA and delivered to our Shipping Terminal costs 80 cents per pound, or $80 minimum.
  • If your shipment is dropped off to our nearest Agent, the cost is 50 cents per pound to transfer to our Shipping Terminal. For larger shipments, book a 20 foot or 40 foot Sea Container.