Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best way to contact Nile Cargo Carrier to discuss shipping from The United States?

Visit our Contact Us page.


Are you still operating during the Covid-19 crisis?

Yes. We are fully operation and are taking every recommended precaution for our customer and employee safety. There have been impacts to cargo travel time and costs which we are able to handle.


What does Nile Cargo Carrier do?

Nile Cargo Carrier is a professional shipping company that provides access to quality American goods to African countries and other nations around the world.  Customers can shop using online marketplaces and have their goods send to our warehouse in the USA.  Then, we coordinate the shipping of your purchases to Africa.


Does Nile Cargo Carrier sell products?

No, we coordinate the shipment of products. Customers usually ship items from other individuals in the United States or use websites like Safaria, Etsy and others.


How much does shipping from The US to Africa cost?

Costs vary depending on a number of different factors, contact us directly or Request a Quote.


How can I pay for my goods and my shipping?

We offer flexible payment offices that competitors do not offer. Visit our Payment Options page for more details. For example, if you do not have a credit card, we can help you make purchases online.


What is the difference in costs and delivery time between air cargo and ocean freight shipping?

Air Cargo tends to have slightly higher rates but faster shipping time compared to ocean freight.  Visit our Shipping Rates page or Request a Quote.


What are the benefits of purchasing goods from the USA?

  • Better quality products
  • Longer lasting
  • Recognizable brands

What kind of paperwork will I need?

There are several forms that need to be complete before we ship your good overseas. See what important shipping forms you will need.


Why can some goods be made in China?

Although some American products are “Made in China”, the reality is that those products may be “Made in China”, but they are produced for use in the USA.  Imported to the United States MUST be inspected and meet certain standards and therefore are of better quality.

If I have many different goods being sent to your warehouse, can you ship them all together?

Yes. We offer free cargo consolidation for our customers for an easier shipping process.


I am located in the U.S. and shipping to Africa, what kind of packaging will I need?

If you are located in the U.S. and shipping overseas, there are certain packing methods that will protect your packages better than others.


How long does is take to get my purchases shipped to Africa?

Depending on the method of shipment, size of the order, regulations and other factors transit times will vary. In some cases, we can ship products to Africa in as little as two weeks.


Can I track my package?

Yes, once we have confirmed your order you can contact us for the updated transit position.