How to import products from The US to Africa

How to import products from The US to Africa

Learning how to import products from The US to Africa can seem like a complicated and intimidating process.  Thanks to decades of industry experience, we are able to break down the process into easy to follow steps.

Whether you are a woman living in Uganda purchasing American beauty products or an American businessman sending equipment overseas, the process is similar and we will support you and your cargo during the journey. Keep reading for a quick guide on how to import products from The US to Africa. Or visit our frequently asked questions page for other information.


Step 1: Finding products to send

Many times, our customers will purchase products on the internet from online marketing places Our Affiliate Store, Amazon, Ebay and Etsy with the intention of having the goods shipped overseas.

Also, some customers choose to ship goods from private sellers, family members and other sources.  The most common items that we ship are beauty supplies, medical supplies, equipment, electronics, cars and almost anything you can imagine. 

Customers choose to purchase products online from The United States because of the higher quality and availability of products.

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Step 2: Contact us or request a quote to get pricing.

We offer extremely competitive pricing thanks to our deep industry network.  Text, call, email or request a quote to get pricing information.

Rates can change and are subject to natural disasters, regulations, tariffs and other factors.  Contacting us directly is the best way to obtain accurate rates. 


Step 3: Send the products to our U.S. warehouse

If you choose to purchase goods from an online marketplace, the goods should be purchased on the website and shipped in your name directly to our U.S. warehouse facility.  If you do not have an acceptable credit card.. We may be able to help you!

Alternatively, if you are residing in the United States or are shipping products from a private seller, it is important that you package the goods correctly before sending them to our warehouse.

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Step 4: Complete forms/documentation

During the cargo exporting process, shipments can be scrutinized by multiple different government agencies and other regulators.  It is important that the documentation is filled out accurately. To see what forms you will need click here

Fortunately, we have compiled all of the necessary forms that need to be completed before we export any products.  It is our job to make sure that everything is in order before shipping takes place.

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Step 5: We will consolidate your packages and ship them together.

Many times customers will order multiple different items, potentially from different websites that need to be sent overseas. 

To make this process easier on our clients, we provide complimentary cargo consolidation for our customers.  This means that we will wait until all of your packages are received at our warehouse and will ship them together at the same time. This helps keep the products safer, makes tracking easier and can potentially save you money.


Step 6: Receiving your packages

We are able to coordinate the shipping of goods to many locations throughout the world. At this time, we have an international office in Uganda that helps service our operations in East Africa.  Otherwise, we can use our shipping network to get your products safely to their final destination.

Shipping from our U.S. warehouse to locations in East Africa usually takes between 2-3 weeks, this can vary greatly depending on market conditions.  Contact us directly to get the most up to date information.


Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the process of how to import products from The US to Africa Our goal is to make this process as simple, easy and affordable as possible.  We look forward to doing business with you!


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