Important Shipping Information

Covid-19 notice

We are still in full operation during the global covid-19 pandemic and are taking extra precautions in the handling and sanitation at our facilities. 

Please note, there has been disruption to the shipping industry which could result in delays or other unexpected issues.  Thank you for your support. Contact us directly with any questions.

1. Shipping Documentation:

  • Documentation needs to be completed before your cargo can be shipped.

  • It’s the shipper’s responsibility to fill out the Packing List Form and Disclaimer Form, submit it online, Mail or Fax.

  • We can not ship freight without proper Documentation.

List of Restricted Items

2. Payment Options:

  • The Cargo is on a prepaid basis and full payment is due upon presentation of the invoice.

  • Payment not received by the due date is subject to a late fee.

  • We accepts major credit card brands, wire transfers and certain other types of electronic payments.

3. Shipping and Packaging Tips

Transit Time:

  • We cannot guarantee on time arrivals due to weather, security, port delays or other unexpected problems.

  • Be assured that we will make every effort to have your shipment there on time and in good shape.

    Important shipping information

Destination Charges:

  • All international shipments are subject to destination fees such as; customs duties, handling, terminal, port fees, storage and door delivery which are beyond our control.  These charges vary according to destination country and are accepted practices in the shipping industry. Contact us directly if you have questions about charges.

  • Because of tight security, U.S. Customs or TSA may require your cargo to be inspected and there could be charges related to such action. These charges will be billed to the shipper.

  • Shipping charges do NOT include Insurance coverage.

Please read the important shipping information and disclaimers page as they may apply to your shipment. Important shipping information

Contact us directly with any questions or concerns.

Our top priority is ensuring that your packages arrive in good condition and in timely manner!